Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Hair Trend Only Celebrities Can Rock?

Some of the most creative hair trends have been started over the years by celebrities and it seems that this is the ultimate year to let your hair do the talking, walking and heck, everything else that you could imagine. Celebrities have always been known for having the craziest, funkiest and weirdest looks, and thankfully, the trends usually die out fairly fast. However, there's one hair trend that seems to be a favourite of many A-List celebrities out there and surely doesn’t seem to be leaving the hair trend scene anytime soon.

Wearing coloured hair wigs is a huge hit this year and all of your favourite celebrities rock them wildly at every and all events, from Katy Perry to Nicki Minaj, to Lady Gaga, Rihanna and everything in between, and it's safe to say that some trends need to stick with the celebrities. Having your Mom show up your student teacher meeting rocking an electric blue wig that looks so fabulous on Katy Perry may not be the best idea, and most certainly won’t look near as good on Mom. So let's leave it to the celebs and  take a look at two of the world's most fabulous, famous and fun females that love to switch up their hair with a new, funky and creative hair wig.

Nicki Minaj is a trend setter in more than one ways. She has revolutionized the music scene and she has most certainly added a few beauty trends into the mix, but what she has always indulged in from day one, is some funky coloured hair wigs. You can guarantee that when this fabulous woman walks down that red carpet, her hair, or wig rather, will be something that you have never seen before. She has rocked every shade in the rainbow, from sky blue, lemon yellow and even baby pink, which she is more often spotted wearing. Aside from all the funky colours that she indulges in, Nicki Minaj likes to add even more fun to her hair with all sorts of styles and cuts to her wigs, including everything from bobs, to luscious lengths, to curls and pin straight locks. This is one style diva that has a touch of the wild side when it comes to her hair choices.

Katy Perry is definitely one of those celebrities, like Nicki Minaj, that is known for her creativity when it comes to her looks. She has rocked everything from long, luscious locks that sparkle, to electric blue waves and purple curls. Katy Perry also likes to switch her hair wigs up with different styles, lengths, textures and cuts.

Now, Lady Gaga is known for a whole lot of weird things and believe it or not, her coloured hair choice is probably the most normal of her attires, but funky or not, she still looks fabulous is neon yellow locks.

And then there’s Rihanna who is a complete babe no matter what. She can rock pink hair, orange hair, purple and blue. She could rock a skunk on her head and look good. Actually, she has dyed her hair in the past that resembled a skunk and she did, indeed, look stunning!

But just because celebrities rock these looks so great and it’s trending in Hollywood, does that mean every day people should pull out their Halloween costumes and start rocking them everyday?

 As Russell Brand once said of his funky locks, if he wasn't famous, he would simply look crazy with such a hairstyle. And it's so true. Why do celebrities get to have all the fun? Are you a fan of this crazy hair trend? Or do you think it’s just something celebrities can pull off and that will soon die off and be a horrible memory for them as they take a trip down memory lane a few years from now? What is it that makes this hair trend so popular amongst some of the biggest celebrities in the world? With this crazy hair trend being adopted amongst new celebrities every day, each new event is like Christmas morning for a 5 year old. You simply never know what to expect!

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